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W4ELP Lookup Utility

 Bridge your HRD DM780 digital software and N3FJP contest loggers


 During Field Day events many of us who have run digital modes suffered with the possible setup of two computer systems one for running digital mode software and the rig interface and another for logging the worked stations, while this situation works if two people are involved a digital station operator and another who can watch and log the stations that are worked. Another possibility is a single operator running both the digital software and a logging program, they cut and paste or manually enter the worked stations call-sign, class and section from one application to the other, which can become cumbersome and frustrating and fatiguing. 

What if there was a way to export the stations you have worked on the fly right from HRD DM780 into many of the N3FJP contest loggers? 

That would certainly make operating more enjoyable, less tiresome and quicker. 

For some time now I have been using Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) and its DM780 Digital Mode program which works well for most digital modes. But the HRD logging ability for contests is lacking. Each year during Field Day I use The Field Day logging program by N3FJP “ARRL Field Day Log". 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the functionality of both applications and the ability to somehow export worked stations from HRD directly into the N3FJP loggers? 

This is possible using the W4ELP Lookup Utility. Some of you may already be familiar with Ed's (W4ELP) auto lookup program. It as a gofer so to speak, when called upon it can retrieve operator information from or based on a call sign lookup via a XML database that information is then populated into the corresponding fields in HRD Log or DM780. In addition, the program provides several keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys which help make using DM780 smoother and more efficient during a contest. 

The most recent release of W4ELPLook has an added advantage, it can auto export the needed fields from within HRD's DM780 program directly into many of N3FJP's contest loggers. 

This allows you to keep the DM780 program in the foreground while the information obtained via mouse clicks of the station being worked example: Call-sign, Class and Section once the fields are populated and an auto-log macro sent via the num-key pad is initiated that worked station is logged in both HRD logbook and the supported N3FJP contest logger. 

 You'll need HRD and a supported N3FJP contest logger or ACLog . Get the lastest versions below.

Updated: W4ELPLookup Ver: 7.10.59



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