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This was my first AM contest

Actually I have only been active on AM roughly 6-7 months but have found it too be a very appealing mode for me.

I have meet a lot of intresting folks on AM and there is a wealth of knowagle avaiable from many of those whom operate this mode often.

That said I was surprised when I saw the results of the 2015 AM Rally- While a very large portion of the midwest and east coast was struggling with intense winter storms and the turn out was down from previuos years as is mentioned in the Rally results. I had a fun time with this event- its a very relaxed event no quick rushing of an exchange and an actual conversation with those involved - no "your 59 in XX or other quick exchange and then move on too the next,  but a more releaxed - qso involing equipment types , homebrewing, antennas, locations, name and projects about resoring a vintage piece of equipment or homebrewing another transmitter, amplifier etc.

Points by Category & Top Scores

Category A:
    KC4VWU,  33 points (Top Score)
       W1G,  28 points
     K0ARA,  25 points
    WB9IFE,  23 points
      WX3K,  22 points
     W3GMS,  18 points
      K4RT,  14 points
      N2BE,  11 points
     K7IOU,   3 points

Category B:
    KC8ZUL,  28 points (Top Score)

Category D:
     K8JLY,  21 points (Top Score)
     W2IMX,   7 points

Category E:
     W1E, 119 points (Top Score)

Category F:
     W1AEX,  28 points (Top Score)
     K7JEB,   8 points

Category G:
     N8SDR,  47 points (Top Score)
     K1SRE,  17 points
     K5UJ,   2 points

There were no entries for categories C or H.

See the PDF for more info and pictures of some very cool vintage and homebrew gear-2015 AMTR Newsletter


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