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RSL Computer Solutions, LLC

 RSL Computer Solutions, LLC 


 N8SDR owner of RSL Computer Solutions, LLC

Services and Solutions for your Bussiness and Personal computer needs:


Certified Technician 20+ years of hands on experience working with computer hardware and LAN/WAN support. Fast turnaround on your computer services at competitive rates. Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) Networking, Desktop Systems, Servers. Providing solutions and services to help you reduce down time.

Custom built computers from basic systems to configurations for special applications and needs. Removal of Virus, Ransomware and Malware infections. RMM-Remote Managed Services Provider. VoIP Phone Systems, Preventive software and hardware based solutions. Local NAS and Cloud Based Backup Solutions.

Please visit: RSL Computer Solutions, LLC for information on services we offer.


We Build Software Defined Radio (SDR) Computer Systems, 

Working with computer hardware and LAN/WAN support for 20+ years I have a strong background in hardware and have built many Desktops and Servers. I have seen what hardware and configurations work well together and those components which simply do not. 

All computer systems sold on the market are a collection of components that provide a functional computing system. Processors, motherboards, memory and drives are just a few of these components that make up a system and allow us to differentiate one system from another. As such, the performance and quality of a system is determined by the components used in its construction. 

So what is the difference between a store bought / off the shelf system and a custom built machine? There could be almost no difference to a very significant difference based on the parts selected for the machine. With this in mind, let's examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of building a computer from selected components rather than buying a system off the shelf.


Advantages of Building


The most distinguishing advantage to building a computer is getting what your really want and the use of higher quality selection of components. Most computer systems come pre-built with the specifications and components already selected for you. This often leads the user to sacrifice certain features that they may not want to give up. By building a computer from components, we are able to choose those that best match the type of system you desire. This also leads to a great advantage of being able to upgrade the system for less than having to buy another computer to meet your changing or growing needs, many off the shelf pre-built systems have limited abilities for upgrading, their case styles limit motherboards, processors, and other components that can fit into some proprietary builds,  plus they almost always have a limited wattage power supply which can lead to performance and stability issues.

The word proprietary should inform that you're going to have problems with upgradeability. You can't put an Asus motherboard with the latest processor into an off the shelf Dell computer. Proprietary computer manufacturers love this, as they want you to come back in 1-2 years and buy another. Custom-built computers do not have this problem a year from now if you want a new video card, or that latest motherboard and processor it can be upgraded as the parts are interchangeable (non-proprietary). In terms of upgradeability, no contest a custom built computer can save you big money later on.

 Less Bloat-Ware / limited –trial software eating away hard drive space, ever notice how much trail ware, non fully functioning or limited use software is on a store bought system, much of this is completely useless, except for taking up hard drive space-or possibly opening the door for malware/spyware invites.


Disadvantages of Building


The biggest disadvantage with the inital building of a computer system is the initial cost. In most cases, the cost of building a computer may be slightly more expensive than purchasing a pre-built computer. This is due to the fact that the manufacturers can buy in bulk for steep discounts that translate into savings on the computer system. They also include software (Including the Trial-Bloat Ware and feature locked- applications) with the systems that must be purchased separately when building a system. OEM/OEI software purchased with hardware does help reduce the costs of custom built systems such as operating systems and other applications when available. In the long run you will save money by being able to upgrade the components rather than having to replace the whole system or be limited by what can and cannot be upgraded. 

Our computer systems, are built by a technician with more than 20+ years of hardware experience who is a licensed active amateur radio operator.

If your looking for a SDR capable computer system, please email or call, to discuss the options and have a system built for your needs..


See our website for custom systems and specials!


Rick - Langford  N8SDR-





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Website: RSL Computer Solutions, LLC

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