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Basic things a HAM should know:


Now that the requirements for becoming a licensed amateur radio operator have been made almost too easy, it seems like most everything else in world many participating in the hobby have no idea how too, basically they except someone else to do it for them or tell them how to do it without ever trying to do it on their own..or at least making an attempt to do so.


The internet is really a useful tool, no I’m not talking about stupid social media sites, as that’s were a majority of the DUMB you up comes from, instead of using the internet to actually learn something useful 90% would rather post what their stool looked like this morning, and become a friend of someone they never meet only because they posted a picture of their self water skiing on a lawn chair while being pulled by their drunk ass bother in-law who decided that the push mower could be used as a an outboard motor by holding it slightly above water while lying on an ironing board. Hope here is that the drunken brother in laws hands slip off the mower and it then shreds him to pieces along with stupid on the lawn chair, good the smart gene pool is finally starting to be on the raise again 2 down millions to go.


Here are some basic things you SHOULD know how to use and do if you want to become a HAM or should learn if you already are.


  1. How to use a volt ohm meter, a basic trouble shooting tool, it can perform many useful functions, but yet some have no idea what it is, or have ever seen one let how to use it to measure voltages or better yet current or resistance. Look it up the internet has many videos and instructions of how to do so.  And a decent VOM isn’t that expensive.


  1. A Soldering iron, there many how-to’s on this as well, here’s a thought instead of spending 3 hours on Face Book playing Farmville you run out and get a soldering iron, some solder and find some junk spare wire lying around and practice.. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of it and  again is a very useful tool you should know how to use.


  2. MATH- really MATH, you should know how to Add-Subtract-Divide and Multiply at the bare minimum, then you should know how to apply some basic formulas to things related in the hobby, IE formulas for making a basic wire dipole. Shit you would be surprised at the answers you’ll get when you ask an already licensed HAM to figure out a wire dipole antennas length for a band, too me it screams they really have no clue about the hobby and I can’t wait when a storms comes through wipes out there antennas shuts down local communications and there asked to help out and there excuse is my antennas are gone.


  3. Connectors, this has got to be one of the biggest don’t know how to do’s there is, it is not difficult go by a couple cheap connectors PL-259s are a very common connector used on coax and practice (if you don’t know what coax is look it up) you’ll need them when you finally figure out how to make your wire dipole, and you’ll know how to solder and how to check your job using a VOM for shorts or opens. See it’s all tying together.


  4. Use your Equipment Correctly- whether it is a latest model out or an old boat anchor you should know how to USE IT CORRECTLY, What each button, knob, dial switch does or if in the case of an SDR how to operate the program for it (not sure what SDR is in terms of Amateur radio- again there is this thing called the internet go look it up!) MANY manuals are online and can be downloaded in the case of an older radio; all new models should come with one perhaps it’s on a CD or DVD READ IT, spend some time learning what all the features do, how to set it up and use it correctly. 


I have heard several folks comment, I really should learn how to use this radio or know what this switch does, two months later, a year later it’s the same damn comment, instead of spending a few minutes learning something useful about the hobby or about their equipment, they would rather sit there ass in front of Sponge Bob Square Pants, or some social media site and waste time on nothing usefull and then bitch about their equipment not working right when all the while it's been operator- STUPIDITY and LAZZYNESS on their part.

 So add FACEBOOK, MYSPACE and other social media Bullshit to the blacklist settings on your router (again if you have no idea, Read the Manual it came with or look it up online) and learn something useful instead of wasting time on lame ass social media sites.

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