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The current TX audio chain:

Microphone - Sterling Audio ST51 Condenser -Sterling Audio ST51


The ST51 is an affordable, true-condenser large diaphragm recording microphone with outstanding sound and construction. The ST51’s 6-micron, gold-evaporated Mylar® diaphragm is optimized to capture definition and detail for both vocal and instrument recordings. Class-A FET circuitry provides unparalleled smoothness and warmth to your recordings.


  • Cardioid Polar Pattern
  • Large 1"” all brass capsule, hand assembled and oven baked for long term stable operation
  • Thin 6-micron gold-evaporated Mylar® diaphragm provides sonic detail and accuracy
  • Custom-wound nickel core output transformer
  • Black nickel-plated all brass body
  • Stainless steel head and grille assembly
  • Requires 48V phantom power


Microphone Preamp- Behringer UltraGain Pro Mic2200


The MIC2200 derives its personality from a hand-selected 12AX7 for superior sonic character and low noise operation. The MIC2200 is great for adding a bit of “spice” to the sound of standard digital recorders and computer soundcards. And thanks to onboard +48 V phantom power, it can also add warmth to condenser microphones. On the pre-amp I'm using the +48volt phantom power mic gain and the low cut filter (at about 50Hz).


EQ and Compression and Downward Expanding via- Behringer Ultra Curve Pro DEQ2496


The DEQ2496 is a whole rack of flexible equalization, dynamics and time correction functions designed to fix problems and generally optimize sound quality. Here are a just few examples
  • Dual 31-band Graphic Equalizers (stereo linkable)

  • Dual 31-band Virtual Paragraphic Equalizers (stereo linkable)

  • Dual 10-band Parametric EQ’s per stereo side

  • Dynamically-activated EQ

  • Feedback Destroyer with Learning Mode

  • Stereo Imager

  • Compressor/Expander

  • Limiter

  • Digital Delay

  • RTA/SPL/FFT Analyzer with Auto EQ function


The DEQ2496 is wonderful piece of audio equipment, it can be confusing at first to get setup and working, but you can find many website with info on this piece of hardware, an exceptional site for audio chain setup and information regarding the DEQ2496 is John Anning's NU9N site: NU9N DEQ2496 setup 

I would strongly suggest looking at NU9N's website regarding all aspects of amateur radio audio, it is well laid out and can save you many hours of headaches and troubleshooting.


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