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Those running HRD's DM780 will apperciate this nice ADD-ON Utility that will allow you to capture your local weather conditions!

This is a simple program to retrieve and view local weather conditions.

Text files are also automatically generated for cw and digital mode macros for use by DM780 or other amateur radio programs.

Once installed you will be asked to input information on your location. Lat/Lon can be used anywhere in the world. Also you can choose U.K. postal codes, or for U.S.A. and Canada, you can use postal codes or Cities and States or Provinces. From which the program will retrive weather pertaining to your area.

The weather program generates macros for DM780, appropriate for psk or other digital modes, and a brief version for cw.

There are two ways to use the macro function.

1. If DM780 is open, (should be ok for both QSO window and Superbrowser, just do the ALT-w weather update and hit "s" to send to the TX window.

2. A macro text file is saved (one for cw and one for digital mode) in the same folder as the weather program. to use these, create a file-send macro within DM780 and point to either macro file. The files are PSKWxMacro.txt and CWWxMacro.txt.

The lastest Version is availble from this site or from:

Current Version:


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