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This was "Project Garage Sale" a daily driven low 10 sec street/strip 1983 Mustang. The project Ideal came about from the StangBangerz website that consisted of a group of local guys here in the general Cincinnati area. This was a low budget car that could be daily driven yet runs well for weekends at the track.  Engine is a DSS Racing Probullet 306 with main support and windage tray. An Anderson Ford Motor Sport N-61 roller cam controls the Ported Pro TOPLINE 200cc heads,which were later feed feed by a Weiand SBF 256 Roots Blower pullied for 15 PSI of boost and matching intake and Demon 850 blower carb. It also had a Holley Super Power shot NOS system that was jetted at 175HP which could have been pushed to 400. Exhausted by MAC headers and Prochamber X pipe fitted with DynoMax MaxFlow Mufflers. A C4 reverse valve body automatic with transbrake and TCT Reneagde 8" 3800 stall speed convertor took commands from a B&M Pro Shifter to feed an 8.8 rear end stuffed with a Moser full spool and 4.10 gears to the 33 spline axles. While it was a lot of fun building and driving the car it was sold in 2008 to a freind of mine who ran the motor combo for a few more years in another car..


Under the hood

noslo motor


Side View

side view

Picture doing the burn out run from the video below at around 8:30 mark just after the sherrif drives off.


Video below from one of the groups get to gathers back in 2005. Ahh the fresh smell of burning rubber!

2005 Stangbangerz Gathering Burnouts


A couple Videos of Track runs these were motor only runs no Blower or Power Adders



A little fun on the way back from a benefit run in 2006 "Great American Cruise"



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